Olde English Baby Doll Southdown Sheep
(Bella, Kaya, Molly & Dolly)

Hello, my name is Bella. My girlfriends are Kaya, Molly and Dolly. We are actually Olde English Baby Doll Southdown Sheep, but just call us Baby Dolls for short. Kaya and I are both brown/black in color, but Kaya is a bit darker than I am. Molly and Dolly are both white and the only way I can tell them apart is that Dolly has a yellow ear tag in her ear. Don't tell them I said that! Our best friends here at Windy Hill Ranch are the alpacas. They protect us when danger may be near.

Baby Doll sheep have been around since 1780! That is a very long time ago! Originally we are from England, but because of our small size and because we are so adorable, we are also very popular in America. With wool all over our faces and little smiles, people think we look like teddy bears. Baby Doll sheep do not grow horns, even the boys. We are very sweet and calm and do not like to wander far from each other. If you ever want to find us, just look for our friends, the alpacas. We'll be nearby. People think we make great pets for many reasons. One of the main reasons is because we are so small. We are also great at eating weeds and trimming grass. Our small size keeps us from destroying the land and we usually avoid shrubs because we don't find them too tasty! We produce wool just like any other sheep and people shear us to make clothes and other things to keep them warm. Here at Windy Hill Ranch, we get sheared once a year so we don't get too warm in the summer.

We have a great time at Windy Hill Ranch. We like to spend our time grazing, grazing and grazing! We are ruminants and we also chew our cud like many of the animals here. During the early afternoon, when we are not busy grazing, we enjoy laying underneath the shade of the oak trees. We'll be busily chewing our cud or taking a much-needed rest. We know we have nothing to worry about as long as we have the watchful eyes of our friends, the alpacas nearby!






Question: Baby Doll Sheep are said to look like teddy bears?

A = True
B = False

[see bottom of page to see if you were right].

FUN Animal Fact: Did you know ...

Encountered one-on-one, sheep are not sheep as we know them by reputation. To know a sheep is to know an animal with complex behavior and good memory.



Answer: If you said "TRUE"..., you are correct! ...

With wool all over their faces and their little smiles many people think Baby Doll sheep look like teddy bears.

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