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Paula Chmura

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Pippi Longstocking


Age: 2 years old

How long at WHR? Born here at WHR in June 2003.

Where she came from: WHR

Average Weight: 275 lbs

Related to: Mother is Lady Buckley. Father is Lord Buckley. Older sister is Baby Buckley.

Behaviors known: No behaviors trained. Working on clicker training for future training.

Who she can be seen with: She shares a paddock with Spartacus, Lovable, Baby Buckley, Lady Buckley and Cate. She spends most of her day with the other donkeys. She will sometimes lay in the sun with Cate.

Favorite activity of the day: Following her mother, Lady Buckley around. She also loves to say hello to people and get their attention.

Nicknames: “Pip” and “Pipsters”

Habits: None known so far.

What the trainer has to say about Pippi personally: “Pippi is a sweetheart and takes after her father. She has one heck of a bray! She is just as loud as her father. She is also the biggest baby. She still clings to her mother even though she is 2 years old now. Pippi loves attention and will fight for mine against her sister. ”