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Photo's by Paula Chmura - 2005

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Age: Born 2001

How long at WHR? 5 yrs

Where he came from: Quicksilver Ranch

Average Weight: 220 lbs

Behaviors known: “circle in place”

Who he can be seen with: Because he is a stallion, he gets a paddock all to himself.

Favorite activity of the day: playing… Bingo loves to play with objects of all shapes and sizes. His favorite object to play with is a box. He loves to carry it over his head and run around the pasture and finally crushing it to pieces.

Nicknames: “Handsome man” “Little man” “Bingo Boy”

What the trainer has to say about Bingo personally: “Though Bingo may be small in size, he is a stallion in a big way! He thinks he is much bigger than he actually is and loves his girl, Sarah (a Belgian draft). Bingo has a lot of personality and can be a brat sometimes. My favorite thing about him is how he loves to play. It is so much fun to give him a box and watch him run around with it. His newest toy is a giant Boomer Ball which he pushes around the paddock.”