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Paula Chmura

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Lady Buckley

Lady Buckley  

Age: 6 years old

How long at WHR? TBD

Where she came from: Honkey Donkey Farms

Average Weight: 275 lbs

Related to: Daughters are Pippi and Baby Buckley.

Behaviors known: No behaviors trained. However when I arrived at the ranch she was very shy with people and now she is more relaxed with people and strangers.

Who she can be seen with: She shares a paddock with Spartacus, Lovable, Baby Buckley, Pippi and Cate. She spends most of her day with the other donkeys.

Favorite activity of the day: Sun bathing and rolling in the dirt

Nicknames: “Momma” and “Lady B”

Habits: None known so far.

What the trainer has to say about Lady Buckley personally: “Lady Buckley is the shiest of the donkeys and very quiet. When I first came to WHR, she was afraid of many things. Today, she is much braver and a lot louder. I can often hear her braying now and it so great to know that she can handle being touched by strangers. She is very gentle, yet she is the one in charge amongst the other donkeys.”